Black Cat Tea Towel by Leslie Gerry

Leslie Gerry


The black cat has enjoyed a chequered reputation. In Egyptian times he was revered so much so that to kill him meant a death sentence. By the middle ages he had become a symbol of good or ill fortune, depending on where he lived. One thing never changed though and that was his glorious sense of self-importance. He didn't expect to be included in Leslie Gerry's latest range of animal designed products, he demanded it. From this quality tea towel, his arresting stare defies us not to adore him and adore him we certainly do. His sleek black coat and electrifying yellow eyes are in sharp contrast to a backdrop of burnt orange and blue grey design.
Who do you think you're looking at?'
The black cat says to me...
'I can't help my beauty.
My grandeur's plain to see.'
• 100% cotton
• Measures: 50cm*70cm

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