About us

"I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days" - Bill Dana

My name is Luan Hockley and Purrfect Cat Gifts is my brainchild.  I love Cats. In fact I have five fluffies myself called Dobbie, Charlie, TJ, Funny Nose and Funny Face. 

Dobbie was a rescue cat from The Cats Protection League and Charlie and TJ (formally known as Carlo and Marmalade) were rescue cats I acquired from the ITV television show Give A Pet A Home. Funny Nose and Funny Face just moved in of their own accord in May 2017.

Purrfect Cat Gifts is a cat themed gift store that is perfect for cat lovers and their cats and if you haven't noticed by now, we sell unique and hand picked cat gifts. 

With a firm belief in cat rescue and adoption Purrfect Cat Gifts passionately supports cat welfare and has chosen Cats Protection as its adopted charity.

In fact 5% of our merchandise sales (not profits) are donated quarterly to Cats Protection. So by buying a gift through Purrfect cat Gifts you are contributing towards making the world a better place for the cats we all love so much.

Cat Protection’s rehoming and neutering programmes, together with their work in reuniting lost cats with their owners ensure that more than 200,000 cats are given the chance of a better life every year.